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Our brand new Pilates Studio in Hexham is NOW OPEN!

We have have a bespoke fitness centre based at Horton Park within the Blagdon Estate, close to Newcastle, Ponteland, Morpeth, Cramlington and Kingston Park.

Our Teachers


Mobile: 07886 343159

Adrian is the founder of Precision Fitness and his belief in his method comes from his own struggle with chronic back pain. He has been practising Pilates for more than 10 years now and has trained in both classical and contemporary Pilates and is committed to providing authentic Pilates by teaching the original work of Joseph Pilates.

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Joanna is a comprehensively qualified Pilates instructor and qualified fitness and barre instructor. Joanna is also a dance teacher and brings a depth of dance and fitness understanding to her Pilates practice and instruction


Joanna has undertaken her training with Balanced Body and Scott Pilates.

Sylvia is a comprehensively qualified Pilates instructor. Sylvia trained with Balanced Body and is also a fully qualified Bodhi Suspension and Orbit instructor. She continues to develop her knowledge and practice and has recently undertaken further training with Fletcher Pilates

What We Do

Helping you to move comfortably and effectively

We believe that movement and Fitness lead to an improved sense of well being and self esteem. We don’t offer gimmicks or miracle solutions that promise to dramatically change the way you look in six weeks. We look at the way you move and the restrictions that may be holding you back. Our focus is not primarily on the aesthetics of how you look, but on helping you to move more efficiently, with less pain and limitation. We ensure you develop strength and fitness and as a consequence of this you will inevitably notice an improvement in the way you look and feel, but it’s not the overriding purpose.


We use the Pilates method to improve movement and fitness levels. Pilates is a body conditioning exercise system designed to improve movement and help the body and mind to function holistically. Through precise application of the exercises, participants develop muscle tone and balance, improve posture, increase flexibility and enhance breathing capacity.


We teach Pilates comprehensively, using both mat and traditional Pilates apparatus. We have three separate studios for mat based classes, reformer classes and studio sessions. We believe Pilates is best understood and taught in its fullness.


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