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Welcome to Precision Fitness


Our goal is to help you move with more freedom and range and, as a consquence, enjoy life more fully.

We believe that better movement is the basis for developing strength and improving fitness.

We will ensure that you achieve your goals in a safe, friendly and, above all, effective environment.

We offer a range of Pilates and corrective exercise classes as well as private Pilates and personal training sessions.


We offer classes in the Studio as well as Online.  Classes in the Studio are limited to three people ensuring excellent student to teacher ratio.  Currently, we offer one Online classes and this is aimed at Advanced and experienced practitioners.  It is limited to eight people.

Studio Classes


Foundational Mat Class

Authentic Pilates Classes following the original sequence of Joseph Pilates.  They are undertaken on traditional high mats with accompanying poles and straps to help deepen the necessary muscle connections.  They are a great place to start for the beginner.


Reformer Class

The Reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates apparatus.  The use of springs and straps and a moving carriage help to deepen the muscle connection.  The classes follow the original sequence and will build strength and improve movement.  They are a good place to start but require an introductory session


Tower Class

Using the wall tower units, this class seeks to build strength and increase range of movement to help clients develop their matwork practice.  It is a great place to learn the benefits of the Pilates apparatus and develop strength and co-ordination for other activities and interests.

Private Sessions


Introductory Session

If you are new to Pilates or have not practised for a while, we recommend an Introductory Session which will take you through the Classical Mat sequence, Tower and Reformer sessions.


Pilates/Personal Training Sessions

These sessions are offered on  a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 basis.  They provide access to all of the studio facilities as well as Adrian's expertise gathered over 20 years in the Fitness and Pilates industry. 


The sessions offer more individul attention to help with specific movement, health or fitness issues.  They are ideal for those who do not like working in a small group session or who want to get the most from their 60 minute session.

They include a movement assessment to highlight any areas of weakness or restriction.  In conjunction with your needs:  goals and targets will be set and a programme to achieve these will be developed.

We employ a 24 HOUR CANCELLATION policy.  

When an appointment or session has been reserved, and subsequently cancelled then full payment will be charged and due.  Obviously there are occasions when unforeseen circumstances necessitate a cancellation and we are always ready to be flexible in applying the cancellation policy

Bespoke Pilates Sessions

These sessions allow you to book Reformer, Tower, Mat, Wunda Chair or Mixed Studio Apparatus classes at a time that suits you with a group of up to 3 people you would like to train with. Our regular classes are small in number, with only 3 paticipants, and this means slots can sometimes be difficult to get. It can also feel a little intimidating to some people if they attend with others who have been coming for a while. These sessions give you the flexibility to train around your timetable, with people you know and with more variety should you wish. The other other benefit is that if 3 people commit to the session it is the same cost as a regular class. 

if you are interested in booking any of the private sessions above, just call Adrian on 07886 343159 or email us at





Reformer Class                                                                                                11.00

Reformer Class                                                                                                18.00

Tower Class                                                                                                      19.15


Tower Class                                                                                                        9.00

Online Advanced Matwork                                                                            19.15


Reformer Class                                                                                                10.00



Tower Class                                                                                                      11.00


Reformer Class                                                                                                10.00

Reformer Class                                                                                                11.15



Tower Class                                                                                                      10.00

Reformer Class                                                                                                11.15 


Online Class (Matwork)                                                                                  £10

Studio Class (Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair)                                           £16.50

Studio Class Block of 10 Discount (£15 per class)                                     £150


Pilates Private One to One Session (60 minutes)                                      £50

Muscle Activation Session (M.A.T.)                                                               £50

Pilates/M.A.T. Block of 10 Discount (£45 per session)                              £450


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