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At Precision Fitness we offer authentic Classical Pilates and corrective exercise.  It is authentic because we strive follow the method handed down by Joseph Pilates and the first generation teachers. 

All of our equipment is modelled on that devised by Joseph Pilates and faithfully follows his specifications.  It, too, is authentic.  It is there for you to improve your strength and range of movement. We use the different pieces of equipment to re-ignite and develop the muscles of the 'powerhouse' -  the deep abdominals, glutes and thighs that form the centre of the body. As a result of poor posture, sedentary lifestyles and general degeneration, these muscles can be weakened and compromised. 

At first sight, the equipment may appear to be more at home in a dungeon or torture chamber, but it is designed to help you to re-connect with your body, and thus move with more symmetry and control.  The equipment gives you such valuable feedback in this regard.

Maybe your experience of Pilates has been a Mat class in a village hall or a leisure centre. In fact that is most peoples experience or understanding of Pilates. Joseph Pilates taught his students in a studio using the equipment that we continue to use in our studio. The mat based exercises were often given to his students to continue their practice at home. That's not to say he didn't teach mat classes as there is plenty of old footage showing him teaching his mat exercises. These exercises form the centre of his method and the equipment is always viewed as being at the service of these. As a form of body weight exercise, the mat exercises require strength and control to really advance them and make them truly functional. The use of the equipment can definitely build that strength and control in a very efficient and productive way.

Our goal is to help you develop a true Pilates body. In the journey to achieve this we will ensure that you move better, get stronger and feel fitter.  It's not a quick fix, it takes time to build and improve. it's also not a miracle cure, we can't promise to make everything right tomorrow. We do, however, believe that movement and developing strength can make a huge difference to the way you feel, the way you view things and of course the way you look. 

Our location is beautiful, our studio amazing and our Pilates is first rate. Why not give us a call or send us an email to learn more and arrange a visit or an online consultation.

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