Making your fitness and well being our Number One priority in the North East

"Fitness is the first requisite of happiness" (Joseph Pilates)

Here at Precision Fitness it isn't our desire to improve your fitness that makes us unique, but rather our determination to focus on your personal needs, improve your well being and make you feel good about yourself.  


Our focus is different from that which you may find in regular fitness centres and health clubs, it even stands out from the more traditional Pilates studios as we can cater for all your fitness and wellbeing needs.


We start by developing movement skills and encouraging mindful body awareness, as we find these are often lacking when people start exercising or return after some time away. Even regular exercisers can develop faulty movement patterns that result in restricted joint movements and injuries. Once movement skills and body awareness improve, exercise complexity and intensity increase and overall fitness, performance and well being develops.


We use Pilates together with the natural movement method (Mov Nat) as the basis for our exercise programmes. We assess posture, muscle balance and movement and then seek to improve stability, mobility, strength and functional movement. We are also conscious of the role nutrition plays in improving health and performance and offer nutritional advice in conjunction with our exercise programmes. We want every client of Precision Fitness to feel good about themselves, happy in their own skin and able to move with efficiency.


Our bespoke Pilates and fitness centre is situated in Horton Park within the Blagdon Estate close to Morpeth, Cramlington, Ponteland and Newcastle (See the Directions Page for our exact location).


We have four dedicated studios on site providing; Reformer  Matwork , Barre and Bodhi Suspension Classes, Pilates Studio Sessions and 1-to-1 Pilates, Personal and Functional Training Sessions

Where to find us:

Precision Fitness Unit 3 Horton Park, Blagdon

Northumberland  NE13 6BU

Phone: 01670 785759 

Or use our contact form.

Business hours Monday to Thursday 8.00 am to 9.00 pm;  Reduced opening times Friday to Sunday - or by appointment

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Develop your skill-set with a Studio Session.  Numbers are limited to 4 participants.  Details on the timetable

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