"Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit."  (Joseph Pilates)


Pilates is a body conditioning exercise system designed to improve movement and help the body and mind to function holistically. Through precise application of the exercises, participants develop muscle balance and tone, improve posture, increase flexibility, enhance breathing capacity and lower stress levels.


Pilates is a total body workout as well as a total body education . It begins by developing the powerhouse, the muscular centre of the body, then aims to strengthen the rest of the body as a connected whole. By learning to control and balance the body, Pilates will make you move better, feel better and look better. 


Pilates is an exercise method suitable for all fitness levels. It is ideal for those who are deconditioned and starting out as well as those with good fitness levels looking to add another dimension to their training.


Contemporary Matwork Classes: perhaps the most well known classes. They are primarily Pilates based in that they include modifications to the original movements of Joseph Pilates. They are limited to 10 participants, enabling us to pay attention to detail and offer positive correction.


Classical Matwork Classes: authentic Pilates classes following the original work of Joseph Pilates. Classes cater for all levels from beginner to advanced. They are limited to 5 participants.


Reformer Classes: reformers are traditional pieces of Pilates equipment that are so named because of their capacity to reform and transform the body. They are mixed ability sessions. Please note: If you have never done a Reformer Class before we ask that you book in for a one-to-one session with one of the instructors.  The Reformer is a piece of equipment and an introductory session will ensure that you become familiar with the equipment before taking part in a class.


Barre Classes: these classes integrate the precision of Pilates movement with the grace and technique of Ballet.  They incorporate cardio and strength training to provide a low impact, ideal body workout that will shape and tone.


Bodhi Suspension Classes: where suspension training meets Pilates. These classes are unique to the north east having only recently arrived in the UK. At a lower level they can be used to help Pilates practice and with the option of 4 point suspension can take functional fitness to a higher level. 


Studio Equipment Sessions: these make use of the wide variety of Pilates equipment (reformer, cadillac, combo chair and barrels) to help improve movement, strength and technique.They are ideal for those wanting to take their Pilates to the next level.




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What's new?

For those who wish to advance their Pilates technique we now offer Classical Matwork Classes:  Monday at 6 pm and Friday at 11 am

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