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At Precision Fitness we believe that movement improves well being. Our first goal is to get you moving better with improved muscle balance, efficiency and grace. Once this has been achieved, we look to challenge your fitness levels through increased intensity and movement complexity. Our attention to the individual does not diminish and the focus remains on your goals and your rate of development.


Adrian is the founder of Precision Fitness and his belief in his method comes from his own struggle with chronic back pain. Following years of frustration, and finding reduced movement only made matters worse, he decided to become more active. Although his journey in movement wasn't always a smooth one, he learnt from his mistakes and developed his knowledge and understanding. This search for knowledge led him to the discipline of Pilates and his own 'return to life'. 


Adrian has trained in both classical and contemporary Pilates and is committed to providing authentic Pilates by teaching the original work of Joseph Pilates as detailed in his publications Return to Life Through Contrology and Your Health


His classcal training was under the mentorship of Kirk Smith (www.classicalpilatescentre.co.uk) who studied under Romana Kryzanowska and Pilates elders Mary Bowen and Jay Grimes.


His comprehensive contemporary training was undertaken with Balanced Body (www.pilates.com) one of the largest Pilates companies, based in the USA. 


Adrian is also PMA certified. The Pilates Method Alliance (www.pilatesmethodalliance.org) is the professional association for Pilates teachers worldwide, ensuring they meet required standards of instruction, safety and competency.



Adrian Bell PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, ACSM

Phone: 01670 785759

E-mail: info@precisionfitness.org.uk

Mobile: 07886 343159




PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher


Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Certification


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) - Certified Health & Fitness Specialist


Precision Nutrition Sports & Exercise Nutrition Certification


Mov Nat Certified Trainer


Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain Certification


Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructor Certification


Postural Stability Instructor Certification


Personal Training & Advanced Instruction Certification







Phone: 01670 785759

E Mail: joanna@precisionfitness.org.uk




Level 3

Pilates Instructor


Level 2

Exercise to Music


Level 2

Fitness for Young people


Stott Barre Instructor


Balanced Body Orbit Instructor


Balanced Body Matwork qualification

Where to find us:

Precision Fitness Unit 3 Horton Park, Blagdon

Northumberland  NE13 6BU

Phone: 01670 785759 

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Business hours Monday to Thursday 8.00 am to 9.00 pm;  Reduced opening times Friday to Sunday - or by appointment

What's new?

For those who wish to advance their Pilates technique we now offer Classical Matwork Classes:  Monday at 6 pm and Friday at 11 am

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