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Our Weight Management  Programme

Let us help you achieve the body you want

UnderstandPortion Sizes

Discover how to automatically know the right portions to eat at every meal.

Stop counting calories

Learn why calorie counting is setting you up for fat loss failure.

Forming the right habits

Instantly see what it will require to achieve the body you want.

How it works

WE AIM TO make nutrition and exercise an enjoyable part OF your life for the rest OF your life.


IT HAS BEEN shown that wonder diets promising fantastic results for all, usually result in failure for most.  We do not believe there is such a thing as a QUICK fix or a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL diet plan.  We don't support meal-replacement, food supplements or macro-nutrIent removal/restriction.


IN CONJUNCTION with PRECISION NUTRITION, the world's largest lifestyle and nutrition company we are able to offer a habit based nutrition coaching programme.  This programme has helped over 45,000 people shed over 900,000 pounds of excess weight and live healthier and more fulfilling lives.


WE OFFER a twelve month programme that encourages you to develop new and realistic habits around your nutrition and exercise.  The cost of the programme is £35 per month or for £50 per month we can combine the programme with individual personal training.


OVER THE 12 months you will benefit from online monitoring and support as well as personal support from the team at Precision Fitness.  We can also offer a personal training and fitness programme.


THERE ARE OTHER programmes available elsewhere but none that will offer a lasting and effective change.  Let us guide you over a twelve month period and see the effect we can achieve together.


THIS PLAN will not be suitable for everyone.  To see if it may be suitable for you then contact Adrian on 07886 343159 for a complimentary individual consultation.  There's no time like the present.


Where to find us:

Precision Fitness Unit 3 Horton Park, Blagdon

Northumberland  NE13 6BU

Phone: 01670 785759 

Or use our contact form.

Business hours Monday to Thursday 8.00 am to 9.00 pm;  Reduced opening times Friday to Sunday - or by appointment

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Develop your skill-set with a Studio Session.  Numbers are limited to 4 participants.  Details on the timetable

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